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Welcome to Ed's Web site. Thanks for dropping in and spending some time.

Feel free to browse around my site. If you have comments or questions please drop me a line at

This site was dedicated to the building of my 1964 Falcon, to my two boys, Josh and Jake and to various other things in my life. I have had my Falcon since 2005. Itís been slow going for several reasons. But after 8 years I habe come to the realization that I will never have the money to finish this car. It just needs too much rust repair to be worth fixing. Of course, four more years of having to fear for my job and having my paycheck raped with taxes to pay for worthless people to have medical care and cell phones.

Now that Josh has a new car, I have taken back the Mustang.  It will have to do in place of my beloved Falcon.  It needs a few things to finish if off.

I have finished my last project. With my youngest son, Jake, turning 16 in November I have to come up with another vehicle.  Since my Chevy Colorado will be paid for at the time he gets his license, Iíll turn it over to him. That leaves me with no vehicle.  So inspired by Stacey Davidís Gearz program I decided to do my own version of the Knuckle Buster project.  Mine is called Project Recycle. Iím taking a 1986 F150 Flareside truck and overhauling it into a daily driver. The goal?  No payments, cheap insurance, simple to maintain, safe and comfortable to drive.

There are sections on my two teenage boys as well. They are very active and Iíll include lots about their activities.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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